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By Odin, 02May16 0 Events, Gaming, Updates

Early access for the open beta for pre-order owners begins tomorrow May 3rd 2016, or May 5th for everyone else. The open beta will continue until May 9th with the final release being May 24th.

By Odin, 30Apr16 0 Events, Gaming

Today the 6th season of Diablo III starts. This season brings a new set of unique cosmetic items. For more details read the rewards preview here.

By Odin, 27Apr16 0 Gaming, Updates

Today Planetside 2 released a rather large patch (1.5gb) which included among the changes is the ability to build bases almost anywhere on Auraxis. Using the new resource Cortium which is harvested by the new vehicle The ANT. For more… Read More »

By Odin, 25Apr16 0 Gaming

The Ordo Imperialis gaming community is reigniting its sci-fi passion by taking another dive into Star Trek Online. So if you play casually or hardcore come join our Federation fleet in the world of Star Trek Online.

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